Measures against coronavirus

Maatregelen i.v.m. Coronavirus
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15 dec 2020:

Building closed, but our services continue

From december 15 till january 15, our building at the Nieuwe Dukenburgseweg 21a is closed. But our services will continue. Only we'll organize them in a different way. Our professionals work at home, so for now our services are only online. This means by phone, e-mail or skype.

Do you have an appointment with one of our professionals? The following applies for you:
- The scheduled appointments take place by telephone
- All trainings and workshops will be canceled. When possible, the training or workshop will be organised via Skype. You will be informed about this.
- The meetings ‘Kennismaken met WerkBedrijf’ will be canceled. Instead, we schedule an appointment by telephone.

Our production on the Boekweitweg will continue, with due observance of the guidelines of RIVM. This location is closed for visitors.

Contact us
Please contact your consultant of WerkBedrijf or send and e-mail to You can also reach us by telephone: 024 751 75 00, between 9am and 5pm.

Finally, are SW employees or candidates of ours working or training at your company or organization? And do you have questions about this? Please get in touch with your WerkBedrijf contact. He/she is happy to help you.

Do you have another question?
Please contact us on